Pets as Therapy – Social Media Marketing Experience

Events Officer, Student Minds Cambridge (2018-2019)

I am proud of my time as an Events Officer for Student Minds Cambridge. Students can struggle with the intense pressure of academic life. Although I cannot offer professional mental health support, I wanted to devise fun events that students could look forward to.

My favourite of these events was puppy therapy šŸ¶, which was just as amazing as it sounds. The event was held in May 2019 at the Cambridge Union Society.

In preparation for the event, I liaised with the charity Pets as Therapy, inviting them over for the afternoon. This required several months of emailing, reaching out to venues, and being hands-on in setting up and clearing up the event on the day itself.

Social media is the most interactive vehicle for marketing events. I knew I had to make the most of Facebook to advertise our gorgeous puppies. To stand out amongst the masses on online information, I commissioned a stunning event header, adorable enough to stand out.

The Facebook event I created for the event performed well, with a high level of interest.

And it was the high level of interest that mattered the most. Putting an event out on social media is all good and well – but the hundreds of people that clicked ‘interested’, and the numerous excitement-laden comments, allowed me to gauge the successful performance of the marketing event.

I managed numbers by coordinating a Doodle poll. Sign-ups for the event quickly reached full capacity (120 people), and the event itself was a fabulous way for hardworking and frazzled students to unwind.

I made a new best friend, which was an added bonus!
There was much puppy love to be had.

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